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Please take a look at the knives and hatchets that have been sold in past years.

I specialize in making custom order knives, so don't be afraid to contact me with your knife design. I also offer knives made to be used every day by the hunter, fisherman, hiker, camper, cycle rider and you too.

Alaskan skinner Crown handled bowie Crown handled bowie Custom Brass Custom Brass Custom Brass Hunter Custom Brass Hunter Dagger Axe Combo Knife Axe Combo Knife Axe Combo Pinecone Handle Jr Bowie Sling blade knife for gutting Sling blade knife for gutting Sling blade knife for gutting Sog Fighter Jr. Bowie with Birch Bark Handle Crown Handle Hatchet Custom Brass - Engraved Small Hunter with Black and Green G-10 Handle


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